Ideal jewelry company was founded early in Guangzhou, is the County's first Platinum inlaid jewelry casting equipment brought in from abroad, and the first in China to launch PT900 inlaid jewelry production and processing business enterprises. In 2000, the ideal jewellery to "take the lead" the courage and determination, resolutely transformation began the development and exploration of the multicolored mosaic jewelry. In 2003, the ideal debut color treasure international jewellery fair, and rich colours, varied models and rich culture has won industry and media attention immediately. With the deepening of market promotion, ideal jewellery gradually broken China jewelry market by sujin and diamond-dominated situation.  

More than 10 years, adhering to the "Chinese multicolored expert" firm belief, ideal has been focused on the development and promotion of multicolored mosaic jewelry, and a number of patents for inventions and utility model patents. At present, the ideal jewellery owns Sinojewel, Colorbay brand in mainland China and Hong Kong stores and franchises more than more than 60, and by more than more than 3,000 dealers in the world, ideal jewellery products have been sold to various provinces and cities, as well as Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, America and in dozens of countries.

After more than 10 years of dedicated work, ideal in multicolored mosaic jewelry jewelry design, production and sales have accumulated rich experience and solid strength in the field, enjoy a good reputation in the industry. Ideal jewelry is full of confidence and redouble efforts towards the rapid development of fast lane, towards the ideal jewelry for a new era.  


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