Core values —— honesty   don't II

"Honesty" sincerity, goodwill, sincere "letter" that trust, credit, credit.

Depending on the integrity, reputation, conduct, responsibility and resources to strengthening the heart, to the letter-solid base up to the world.

"Truth" is pure, true, true. TCI and character were pure, genuine, fair and honest, sincere customer service, actually enhance the taste.

Service —— service every customer

Good customer service is not difficult to service every customer is not simple. Ideal for comprehensive, personalized, professional products and the warmth of family-like service to allow more consciously enjoy ideal services for customers, experience the happiness and satisfaction.

Business philosophy —— integrity to win the future

People without a letter not to sign, companies without a letter in addition. Ideal person will keep the integrity of this tree wind of integrity by action in good faith to win hearts and minds, winning customers, win the market, win a better future!

Management —— the rules around    of virtue

Ideal adhere to the rules around responsibility is weightier than mount Tai;

Ideal personality and honest as a leadership core of virtue as a basis for leadership, Houde to load.

Ideal to create the best working environment and living environment, senior care middle, Middle care staff, staff concerns respect for customers, customer trust supports the ideal, it is a transmission of love, the ideal person to remain unified, coherent, and joy in their work, feeling loved, feeling happy in their work life.

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