Ideal jewelry company in Guangzhou, mainland China first introduced Platinum inlaid jewelry casting processing equipment from abroad, and the first in China to launch PT900 inlaid jewelry production and processing business enterprises. In 2000, the ideal jewellery to "take the lead" the courage and determination, resolutely transformation began the development and exploration of the multicolored mosaic jewelry. In 2003, the ideal debut color treasure international jewellery fair, and rich colours, varied models and rich culture has won industry and media attention immediately. With the deepening of market promotion, ideal jewellery gradually broken China jewelry market by sujin and diamond-dominated situation.


Employees to experience the exotic culture ideal

History of rich spiritual and cultural life of employees, motivating working enthusiasm of ideas, jewelry organize sightseeing tours each year. This fall, the tentacles of the group will be the inspiration Korea ……

The product is king played the strongest color treasure

Lively complex in Shenzhen international jewelry show has ended, 5 days, from all over the world exhibitors exhibitors and view witnessed jewelry accumulated extraordinary power for 15 years. Not noisy, not grandiose, only with high quality color Po

Develop middle and high level management skills training cast excellent management

In order to meet the strategic development, enhance the level of overall management, July 5-6th, jewellery group organized a two-day senior management skills training. Training courses focus on systems thinking and sense of responsibility of the managers

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