Develop middle and high level management skills training cast excellent management

In order to meet the strategic development, enhance the level of overall management, July 5-6th, jewellery group organized a two-day senior management skills training. Training courses around the managers of systems thinking, sense of responsibility, team, communication skills and other aspects of culture, rich examples and lively teaching let everybody benefit.

During the training, jewel national register of senior corporate trainer Wang ren ming was invited to teach. Opening teaching experience of teacher Wang would be integrating all the participants into four groups PK, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the people, allowing you to quickly integrate into the learning environment. Combined with rich video cases and cases, Wang, on the role and responsibility of the Manager of sense and skills for meeting issues a unique explanation and analysis, and stressed the importance of value judgment in the management. Members actively involved in the classroom as a whole, the atmosphere is quite lively.

practice after each class, then to learners the best management skills training and testing. Frequently asked questions for business management, group discussions and statements by elected representatives in the time allotted, all in fierce competition with the collision of thought the contest. Especially in the one-minute speeches, participants are involved and get the teacher's Guide, effective exercise and upgrading of skills.

this training in a positive and warm atmosphere draw a successful period, and had been approved unanimously. Members have said they will study the management thinking and skills used in concrete work, and make greater efforts for the company's long-term development.  

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