Employees to experience the exotic culture ideal

History of rich spiritual and cultural life of employees, motivating working enthusiasm of ideas, jewelry organize sightseeing tours each year. This fall, the tentacles of the group will be the inspiration Korea, led personally by the Chairman, Mr Wu Yibin in batches over a period of 5 days trip to foreign cultures.

First came to Korea in Seoul, employees here feel the tip high precision technology and traditional cultural exchanges and relief. Joseon was Gong Jingfu Palace, Korea Presidential Palace Blue House buildings, such as the antique and flow of Korea cultural charm of classical architecture and history, and the world-famous shopping paradise in Myeong-dong of international duty-free shops and crowd such as weaving, exudes charm of a modern city.

Known as the "Korea Hawaii" called Jeju, its picturesque natural beauty and simple rich Humanities staff ran indulge them. In cities folk village listening to indigenous tells real of Korea culture, city mountain Sunrise peak appreciate charming landscape, in Teddy bear Museum find kid stuff and warm, in involved to can support taste romantic seaview, in EcoLand ecological park took jungle small train …… Korea of customs slowly penetration into employees are a star star full curious and knowledge desire of heart, for its future work in the of inspiration burst buried Xia deep foreshadowing.

In addition, employees also taste a "tongue of Korea", kimchi, seaweed, Ginseng Chicken, Bulgogi, bibimbap and other local delicacies not only satisfies the taste buds to enjoy, enhance staff understanding of the cultural differences between China and South Korea.

Meaning Korea trip to meet satisfactorily put an end and homesickness. 5-day trip for employees to relax both the body and mind, enhance the collective sense of belonging, also learned about Korea culture, brings a certain amount of inspiration and enlightenment for its work, while this activity also reflects our company "people-oriented" culture, which is of strategic importance for the company's long-term development.

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