• History of rich spiritual and cultural life of employees, motivating working enthusiasm of ideas, jewelry organize sightseeing tours each year. This fall, the tentacles of the group will be the inspiration Korea ……

  • Lively complex in Shenzhen international jewelry show has ended, 5 days, from all over the world exhibitors exhibitors and view witnessed jewelry accumulated extraordinary power for 15 years. Not noisy, not grandiose, only with high quality color Po

  • In order to meet the strategic development, enhance the level of overall management, July 5-6th, jewellery group organized a two-day senior management skills training. Training courses focus on systems thinking and sense of responsibility of the managers

  • Step on the tail of spring, filled with happy mood, in the Union of all staff on April 27, opening a one-day trip to the green light farm. Rich, exotic flowers and fruits and vegetables and wonderfully funny animal Kingdom

  • A hot summer day, a splash of color than green are more likely to capture a woman's heart? June 18-25th, the jewelry will bring Emerald, green tourmaline, prehnite, diopside and other green stones put on a summer day, "variations on a jungle"

  • Clear the dreary winter, awakening of spring is full of life, fun and eye-catching color treasure, opened this season's beauty. March 1-March 31, to "wake up time" as the theme of the spring of 2014 jewelry multicolored warm hit.

  • A timely rain scattered over the haze of the city for several days, bringing refreshing air, at the same time, on December 14, a new chapter of China's jewelry industry also welcomed fashion gorgeous —— "fashion ·2014 at Lo Wu CAI Bao Chao, China

  • Spring full of people the hope unannounced. The morning of February 28, led by gold-leaf jewelry settled in the building of broad hundred jewelry news, Xian Lu Caibao flourish, opened yet another chapter. Brand new showroom and products became

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